Reasons to visit the Optician.

Some of the parts of glasses which have permanent contact with skin and sweat, are being used up faster. These parts should be cleaned more often then regular and replaced systematically.

Under the influence of external conditions, body temperature and constant use, glasses may be slightly deformed. This often manifests itself in the fact that the glasses slips from nose and lose their correction properties.

Restoring glasses to its normal state, to the individual head shape, leave only qualified opticians.

Glasses cleaning methods.

Lenses and glasses should be cleaned with a soft cloth, without using aggressive measures. In case of lack of proper measures, it can be used dishwashing liquid rinsed with water. After each such operation, moving parts of glasses should be greased. It is recommended to periodically clean glasses in an ultrasonic cleaner at the optician.

Common causes of glasses damage.

Putting on and removing glasses using one hand is the main cause of deformation and even breake of the temples. Self-repairing glasses, especially bending it without special tools may cause breake and outer shell or even lenses damage. Rough surface on the outer parts of the glasses, can be caused by an allergic skin reaction to the physicochemical composition of material from which glasses are made. In this case ask optician for longer plastic covers, and in future choose frames without nickel: made of titanium or plastic. It is not recomended to use hair spray while wearing glasses with plastic lenses. At the very moment of spraying glasses must be removed, because hair spray can cause irreversible damage to the lens.

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